Generally, a resident of any foreign nation who wants to enter India should first get a visa, either for temporary settlement, or for permanent residence. So, for all the possible future students of Jagsar, we have created here visa guidance to state the rules and other things to apply for visa. You should remember the following points-

  • You have to state the name of our institute, that is, Jagsar, while making application for the visa. An appeal for change of the institution will not be considered. So, in this case, we can recommend you to return your own nation and apply for new visa.
  • Similarly the purpose of your visit also cannot be changed. If you have a tourist visa, you cannot transform it to the student visa.
  • In reference to the policy of the government, if a foreign learner coming to India territory on a tourist visa or some other kind of visa, (excluding a student visa), gets admission into any institute in India, the candidate will be needed to go again to his nation and find a new visa for the Indian mission.
  • To keep away from these circumstances, we advise all self- financing foreign students to get regular or any provisional student visa documents for any Indian missions by creating confirmed letters of admission.


Some other rules related to visa
There are different rules, which you need to bear in mind.

  • Passport must have minimum six months of validity besides the ticket to journey ticket.
  • Students having other nationalities must submit evidence of long term (minimum three years) or permanent residence within the nation where applying. In case of the resident of other nation, a reference needs to be prepared to their nation of residence. An additional fee may be applicable here.