Proper training will determine your efficiency and hence, should never be neglected. Training will help you cultivate the right skills and will provide you with the experience required for systematic functioning. It ensures that all the employees at the workplace make the best use of their time and the company’s resources. Jagsar has the training solutions you require. We believe in tailoring each of our programs to suit your needs, so that you can grow and develop in a way that suits you best. Partnering with the right people is the initial stage of all goal attaining strategies. The next step involves selecting the kind of training you need.

Corporate Training

Well trained staff will guarantee better execution of tasks, optimal use of resources and will save the business a ton of money. Corporate training at Jagsar involves teaching employees how to achieve this outcome. It helps employees improve their skills of communication within the firm for faster and more effective communication during presentations, report writing and simply sending and receiving instructions. This form of training also provides employees with expertise in management and leadership to help drive the team to success. Corporate training ensures the entire organization functions in unison through cooperation, teamwork and skills in conflict resolution.

Government Training

The government is only reliable if it has the required skills to achieve the objectives for which it has been set up. Jagsar strives to reinforce the government’s capabilities with the help of inventive training plans and exercises. We offer a range of solutions to perfectly suit all requirements so that all the departments can function together in harmony. Our dedicated managers and skilled instructors have the necessary experience and discipline to teach the government effective ways and means of attaining project success. Our high standard and accredited training programs include personnel training and team building exercises, knowledge and skill analysis and methods that will reduce the skills gap, customized training and new technological methods of training.

Skill Gap Analysis

Skill Gap Analysis will show you the actual gap between the skills your workforce possesses and the type of skills required to become highly efficient workers. This form of analysis is essential for any company that aims at reducing wastages, improving performance and expanding. Once the size of the gap is determined the organization will have to continue employee education and training exercises to reduces this gap and achieve great performance. The Jagsar team of experts is determined to create a plan of action that will work for you based on your strengths and weaknesses. Our aim is to help you attain your current and future goals, become more agile and stay on top of the competition with increased efficiency.

CTC Program (Campus to Company)

College campuses are pools of bright young refreshing talent. Fresh new talent needs direction which can be provided through effective training. Jagsar offers multiple training courses to help new young employees obtain the necessary qualities and skills to work after graduation. Many companies recruit students directly off of campus which saves them the hassle of finding qualified candidates. But before selecting candidates they will go through a selection process – that is interviews, group discussions and written tests. Once the desired individuals are selected they will receive training to buff their skills and knowledge of the commercial field.

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