PRINCE2_Accredited_examination_institutePrince2 certification offers various course to the candidate related to the project management. Those are as follows:

  • Prince2 foundation course
  • Prince2 practitioner course
  • Prince2 professional course.

Prince2 word stands for projects in controlled environment (version 2), it’s a part of project management. There are some details of its practitioner course:

In the foundation course the candidate learns about the terminology related to PRINCE2 but in this practitioner course the candidate comes to know that how to run or manage the projects within the environment supporting PRINCE2.

  • This is a three days course including exam.
  • Through this course the candidate gets the full knowledge and understanding the relationships between the PRINCE2 principles, themes, processes and its products.
  • In order to apply for this practitioner course, the candidate must clear the foundation course.

Course Details

Course Outline

The candidate can learn many things through this course that includes:

  • Detailed knowledge of all principles, themes, processes and also work on all the PRINCE2 products as any one of these products might be applied on any project scenario.
  • The candidates also learn the reasons behind the principle, theme and processes of PRINCE2.
  • The candidates become able to demonstrate their ability to different project circumstances in PRINCE2 and are able to apply all this on the different company’s project.
  • This is a global certified course which means that after certified from this certification the candidate can apply anywhere in the world for jobbing opportunities and get good designation along with handsome salary.
  • The duration of this course in London for 2 days under the special qualified instructors.
  • After completing the whole course the candidate is able to apply for the exam and get certified after clearing the exam.

Best Suited For

This course is beneficial for all the candidates who want to learn more in project management methodology.

More benefitted for those candidates who have some experience related to project management field. So, that they can learn the concepts more easily and give their best in serving any organization.

Below are giving some important persons for whom this course is best suited. These are as follows:

  • Project managers
  • General managers
  • Programme managers
  • Team managers and support staff
  • Staff who will attend a defined role
  • Project management consultants

As this certification is globally valid which means the candidate can apply anywhere for the job and get handsome salary related to these jobs. But for this practitioner course one should clear the foundation course successfully.

Anyone can apply for this course after successfully clearing the foundation course of this PRINCE2 certification


Everyone can apply for this course who have their interest in this project management field and for those who want to get more knowledge regarding this project management field.

The only eligibility is that:

  • The candidate should clear the PRINCE2 foundation course successfully.
  • There is not as certain abilities required for this practitioner course.
  • But if the candidate does not clear the first level that is the PRINCE2 foundation course then he is not eligible for the PRINCE2 practitioner course.
  • After this course the candidate can also apply for the PRINCE2 professional course.


After clearing the exam related to practitioner course the candidate get certified from this certification. The exam details are:

  • This is a 2.5 hrs exam having all complex multiple choice questions and the candidate requires 55%marks to clear this exam.
  • After clearing this exam, with the proper percentage the candidate gets certified from PRINCE2 practitioner certification and may call themselves as Registered PRINCE2 practitioners for 5 years.
  • After 5 years the candidate must pass the re-registration exam to maintain this status and enjoys all the benefits of this certification.
  • This certification is globally valid.
  • The re-exam is only for one hour.
  • In re exams, there come 8 topics. Each has 10 questions. This means it is a 80 questions exam for re-registering the certification.
  • After getting this certification, there are many jobbing opportunity for the candidates on the very handsome salaries.


The candidate after clear this practitioner exam successfully gets certified and calls himself as registered PRINCE2 practitioner. The benefits of this certification are as follows:

  • As this globally valid so, there are many job options in the candidate’s hand not even in his country but in other countries also.
  • This is certified that the candidate is totally ready to serve an organization by his or her best ways and ideas.
  • The name of the candidate comes in the online register of APGM that shows that the candidate get register in this group.
  • This certification is a proof that the candidate knows all the details regarding the principles, themes and processes related to the PRINCE2 qualification.
  • The candidate also able to show their ability to tune PRINCE2 to different project circumstances.
  • The candidates get a good designation in their organization with handsome salary.


There are several frequently asked questions related to this certification. Some are given below:

Q1. What is PRINCE2 stands for?

It stands for Project in controlled environment. It’s a method of managing projects.

Q2. What are the courses offered by PRINCE2?

This offers namely three courses those are:

  •        PRINCE2 foundation course
  •        PRINCE2 practitioner course
  •        PRINCE2 professional course

Q3. What is the total time duration of PRINCE2 practitioner course?

Its about for 3 days with Exam.

Q4. What should be mandatory for applying for this practitioner exam?

The candidate should successfully clear its foundation course.

Q5. What is the passing percentage for this course?

The candidate should get 55% marks to clear this exam.

Q6. Is there any online training available for this course?

Yes, the candidate get enrolled online also for this course training.

Q7. For whom this certification is best suited?

This certification is best suited for:

  •        Project managers
  •        General managers
  •        Programme managers
  •        Team managers and support staff
  •        Staff who will attend a defined role
  •        Project management consultants

Q8. Is this certification globally valid?

Yes, this certification is globally valid.

Q9. What includes in the package of the online practitioner course?

Easily 12 month’s online access to the course. Also offers many additional materials that help the candidates to learn the course.

Q10. What is the validation for the certification?

The certification is valid for 5 years only.

Q11. What to do to maintain this certification?

The candidate should appear in the re-registration exam to maintain this status.

Q12. Do the candidates get their names on a list to prove that they have successfully passed the exam?

Yes, the APMG has an online register where all the candidates name are listed who have successfully passed the exams.

Q13. What is the career growth after this certification?

After getting certified from this certification the candidate can apply anywhere in the world for the repudiated designations and can take handsome salary. So, the certified candidate career growth is very good.

Delivery Modes


The electronic learning process is very famous for those candidate either who do not get time from their household activities or for those candidates who are working somewhere. The features of this E-learning are:

  • The candidates learn the whole course online only by purchasing the package from the certified site.
  • Through this the candidates can learn the concepts from anywhere and at anytime depends upon the suitability of the candidate.
  • It also offers many online practice test papers to revise the whole course.
  • It also includes many online quizzes conducted by the full trained instructors for the benefit of the candidate. It helps in revising the whole syllabus at a glance.
  • If there is any query regarding any concept the candidate can directly ask to the instructor through live chat.

This is the highly interactive and engaging process to learn the course according to the candidate pace.

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