Learning seems to be very for individuals who are disabled in any of their body parts. Whether it is physical disability or visual, these individuals always fight with the traditional system of education.

However, at Jagsar, those special students can remove all their difficulties and carry on studying their IT courses successfully. We have tried to achieve our arrangements by making out all the specific problems of the disabled learners in it classroom. We have even accomplished our goal by applying the diagnostic evaluations as well as classroom progress reports. As the learners referred here are exceptional or different from others physically or visually, we also make the attempts to have a discussion with their guardians or near ones. When the information of those students is gathered, we can ensure about our proper arrangements, which are indispensible in the classroom intended for the disabled persons. A number of the classroom managing elements, which are made available for the students in order to provide them effective learning are as follows:

  • Arrangement for the physical setting
  • Manage the instructional setting
  • Access to educational technology
  • Controlling time along with other resources


Setting up a special physical environment

Our classroom environment is totally safe as well as secure and it is favorable for every student. We always realize the importance of security to a disabled person of any age. We also make particular arrangements for applicants who have accident-related injuries, like a broken arm, before the date of the exam.

  • At Jagsar, we have ensured a risk-free and barrier-free background by eliminating all objects that are messed on the ground, desks, tools, architectural obstructions, and so on.
  • Best installation of light, maintenance of noise level, aeration and useful furnishings are also accessible at the classroom training of IT courses at our Jagsar.
  • The furniture is not only comfortable but also attractive so that the candidates would not feel boring in the atmosphere.

Facilities in the instructional setting

At Jagsar, our instructional background of the classroom comprises the processes as well as material performance. Our expert trainers, who will teach the candidates, arrange the prospectus, group study as well as delivery structures for the presentation or method of talents and information.

Using Educational Technology

We always use latest technology for education that comprises systematic instructional methods, procedures to suit their behavior, advanced tools, media and other learning resources. We also use other electronic technologies like video, computers and many more in order that the students would forget about their disability and concentrate on their learning.

We always bear in mind that it is the trainer, who will act as the supervisor of the full learning environment. And so, our experienced trainers control the allocation and application of necessary learning resources.

We divide the regular program into some blocks of time period, and indicate what activities is going to come about, when these will take place, also and who will become engaged with the delivery. While selecting the learning objects, we consider the skill level, sequence of presentation, forms of response, and also overall attractiveness. We have chosen all our equipments after consulting with some specialists.