We as the hospitality team of Jagsar welcome all the candidates to accomplish the IT training course. Our team is always devoted to turn your stay more pleasant as well as comfortable.

At Jagsar, we want to make the arrangements related to hospitality in our ground the most successful and also cost effective so that you can accept your course in an enjoyable manner. We know that the students who come from some foreign countries will need some special care or the service of hospitality. We try to make you aware of all the probable risk or the pitfalls so that you can get relaxation and enjoy at the highest level in our country. With a view of this idea, we have produced a Hospitality Desk in this training center.

This Hospitality Desk is supported by our trained and qualified personnel who are accessible to help and recommend you to make your visit, enjoyable and secure. The major intention to this Hospitality Desk is provide the following facilities-

Queries regarding Indian cuisine- If you are a foreigner, you will definitely have some interest in the food item of other country. So, we have made some arrangements to make you knowledgeable about all our Indian cuisine. When you know everything about the food menu, you can pick item to taste it.

Advice on tourist places- Explore India, while pursuing your academic courses in Hyderabad. We can inform you about our state and also the other neighboring states. Even the route and transportation services related information can be obtained from us.

Advising about shopping options- The nearby shopping center would also become with you if you get a thorough detail from us.

Assisting in Yoga- There are also a lot of amenities for practicing yoga and other exercises for those students who are conscious of their health.