ITIL-Approved-Examination-OrganizationThis is 3 days course. The ITIL Intermediate service-strategy course helps the candidate to learn that how to plan, implement and optimizing service strategy processes. This course also helps the candidate to learn the following given concepts:

  • Prepare the candidate for service strategy (SS) exam.
  • Helps the candidates to analyses principles, technique and relationships to create SS.
  • Also tells the candidate about the purpose, scope and objective of each SS process.
  • Also assess IT governance to set strategy and leverage governance frameworks and bodies.
  • Also helps the candidate in determining IT application opportunities.
  • This also helps the candidates to learn the basic concepts related to service strategy.
  • To complete this course there are several ways that includes online, regular classroom or through e-learning.
  • This course includes pre-course reading, evening study, the exam and overview maps that illustrate the ITIL lifecycle stages and reinforcing key words also.

Course Details

Course Outline

This 3 days training course includes the following things. Those are given below:

  • Introduction to service strategy
  • Service strategy principles
  • Service strategy processes
  • Analyzing IT governance
  • Technology considerations
  • Implementing service strategy
  • Critical success factors and risks
  • For appearing in this course the ITIL foundation certification is required and also take the ITIL certification exam on the final day.
  • The candidates can apply for this course from their homes also through online process.
  • This is the global certified course and after clearing the exam the candidate is able to apply anywhere in the world for the good job options.
  • This course also gives the much better career growth to the certified candidates as compare to the other professional courses.
  • The candidates can apply anywhere and get good package also after becoming certified.
  • There are many private institutes many that provide the training for this course.


After completing this course the candidate is able to sit in the exam and after clearing the exam the candidate successfully the candidate get certified from this certification and can apply for job anywhere in the world. The candidates come to know about the following things that are as follows:

  • Service strategy principles
  • Defining services and market space
  • Conducting strategic assessments
  • Financial management
  • Service portfolio management
  • Managing demand
  • Driving strategy through the service lifecycle
  • Understanding critical success factors and risks
  • Except the above points the certification also includes or the certifications also verify that the candidate is able to deal with all strategy services (SS).
  • To get certified the candidates must clear the exam with 70% marks. This is mandatory.
  • To apply for this certification course one should have the ITIL foundation certificate in IT service management.


There are lots of benefits of this certificate. As the candidates after clearing the exam successfully with 70% marks then only they get benefited by this certification. The benefits are as follows:

  • As this globally certified certification so the candidate can apply anywhere in the world for the job.
  • The pays related to the job is also very high for the certified candidates.
  • The candidate gets a good career growth in IT services.
  • It demonstrates that the candidate has full knowledge and skills related to the service strategy.
  • This certification is applicable for everyone and has proved a good growth in the candidate career.
  • This certificate proves that the candidates are able to deal strategically with services and all related aspects of services.
  • The certified candidates also understand the risks and the critical success factors
    and have the skills for raising the service strategy within the organization of a
    higher level.


There are several frequently asked questions related to this certification. Some are given below:

Q1. What is ITIL stands for?

ITIL stands for Information technology infrastructure library.

Q2. What is the duration of this course?

The duration of this course is for 3 days.

Q3. What the candidate will learn through this course?

The candidates learn about the introduction, planning and implementation related to the IT in service strategy.

Q4. What is the eligibility criterion for this certification?

The candidates should have the ITIL foundation certificate before applying for this certification.

Q5. Is any electronic gadgets allow in the exam room?

No, not allowed.

Q6. What percentage is required to successfully clear the ITIL intermediate service strategy exam?

The candidates must achieve 70% marks in the exam.

Q7. Is this certification valid globally?

Yes, this certification valid globally.

Q8. Is this course available online also?

Yes, from many repudiated organizations this course is available online also.

Q9. For whom this course is best suited?

This course is best suited for the following candidates: CIO, CTO, managers, planners, architects, team leaders, designers, IT consultants, and IT audit and security managers and for ITSM trainers.

Q10. Is the training also includes the practice test papers?

Yes, this service is only for the benefit of the candidates.

Q11. Is there any extra fee for the exam?

No, this exam fee includes in the course fees only.

Q12. In what languages the ITIL exam is available?

This exam is available mainly in all languages.

Q13. How long are the ITIL qualifications valid for?

This qualification will not expire.

Q14. How much percentage is required to clear the ITIL intermediate service strategy exam?


Q15. When can the candidate expect the result of this exam?

After 7 to 10 days of the exam date.

Delivery Modes

Classroom Training

This classroom training is for those candidates who willing wants to attend the interactive sessions of the classroom under the guidance of the full experienced trainers or instructors. It includes the following things:

● This is 3 days classroom training.

● Through this training the candidates get the hardcopy of the whole course.

● Exam tips and tricks provided by the experienced instructors to the candidates.

● It helps the candidates to learn the whole course related to ITIL intermediate service strategy.

● There are many interactive classroom workshops for the benefit of the candidates.

● There are many repudiated organizations that offer this training to all the candidates.

● At the end of certification training course, many organizations also offers 24 hours

PMI PDU certificate to the candidate.

● In classroom training the candidate can directly interact with their fellow friends, well

experienced trainers and other delegates.

Virtual Classroom

This training is beneficial for those candidates who want the full benefit of the classroom training but because of some circumstances they are not able to attend the classes. So, this will work as a live virtual class for those candidates. It includes the following features:

● This training is offered by many repudiated organization in the whole world.

● This is an interactive online session with the instructor and other delegates who are involved in this course training.

● In this the candidate can directly interact with the trainer on the internet.

● It provides easily access to the online course.

● The candidate can learn the things from anywhere and at any time depends upon the candidate suitability.

● Many organizations offer 45 hours PMI PDU and online classes programs to those candidates who get certified successfully.

● It provides many practice test papers online for the benefit of the candidates.


The electronic learning process is very famous for those candidate either who do not get time from their household activities or for those candidates who are working somewhere. The features of this E-learning are:

● The candidates learn the whole course online only by purchasing the package from the certified site.

● Through this the candidates can learn the concepts from anywhere and at anytime depends upon the suitability of the candidate.

● This process is flexible process for the candidate.

● After completing the course study the candidate can apply for the exam also related to this certification.

● It also offers many online practice test papers to revise the whole course.

● It also includes many online quizzes conducted by the full trained instructors for the benefit of the candidate.

● If there is any query regarding any concept the candidate can directly ask to the instructor through live chat.

Practice Test

ITIL service strategy course is one of the ITIL service lifecycle modules. There are many organizations that provide training related to these courses and also provides the practice tests also with this certification course. The benefits of these practice tests are given below:

● The candidate is able to revise the whole course at a glance.

● The candidate should come to know that where he or she stands in case to knowledge related to this certification course.

● The candidate also comes to know about the criterion of the question paper.

● The candidate comes to know about his or her weak points and on which thing he has to focus more.

● These practice tests are conducted by the full experienced trainers for the benefit of the candidates only.

● The practice tests offered online also for the online or E-learning candidates.

● In classroom training also this course provides lots of practice tests related to this course.

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