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IASSC-Accredited-Training-Center (1)Six Sigma was developed by Motorola in 1986, it is used for improvement in any business or process, the main function of six sigma green belt is to improve the process and detection of errors and that after removal of errors and it also reduce the manufacturing from the state of variation and green belts is the special position of the six sigma process.

Special features of Six Sigma are:

  • It emphasis more on leadership that is, strong and passionate.
  • It makes decisions on the basis of confirmed data or the statistical data and is not dependent on the assumptions and the guesses.

THE SIX SIGMA GREEN BELT training program helps in the selection of the project and also tells about all the techniques which can create maximum effect on any business and program and also teaches us the way in which the project should be represented.

Course Details

Course Outline

The six sigma green belt course will give us the knowledge of the graphical view of the six sigma, and in this course we learn about:

  • Project definition
  • Project scheduling
  • Tools and objectives
  • Base line establishment
  • Individual data
  • Process capability
  • Lean thinking

In project definition we learn about the tasks, work structure, process maps, matrix diagrams, reporting and in project scheduling we learn about the activity network diagram and PERT analysis and in tools and objectives we learn the objectives of measured stage, cause and effect diagrams, check sheets and in base line establishment we have process variation, interpretation of control chart and then come individual data, in that we learn its uses, constructions and calculations, assumptions and in process capability we learn about histograms and probability plots while in lean thinking we learn about definition of waste and methods to increase velocity


To do the six sigma green belt course you should possess general and fundamental knowledge of the basic mathematical concepts, a reading level, which a high school graduate carries with himself and also you should have general proficiency in using a computer software which is windows based, so in brief we can say that these following persons can join this program-

  • Project managers, team leaders, engineers who are assured of quality, professionals of the software and any senior management.
  • Management students who are going to be the future managers.
  • All the others who are indulged in researches, innovations and those who want to get the certificate in six sigma green belt course to enhance the output in the business and the green belt courses provides an understanding in detail of six sigma’s methodology in define, measure, analyze, improve, and the control aspect to all the aspirants interested.


The six sigma green belt course provides the certification facility for all the applicants on successful completion of the training period of the applicant, these certificates of the six sigma green belt are recognized throughout the world and are valid throughout the world. The six sigma provides the certification in following categories-

  • Green belts
  • Black belts

And these green and black belt certificates are based on the methodology that has developed as a result of the extensive researches and learnings of the companies providing the facility of the six sigma that is project management courses. These certificates are very beneficial in business and processes.


Getting a certificate or becoming certified from six sigma green belt category is very beneficial for the applicant in the area of the business. With the condition of today’s economy of the world the reduced costs of improvement in the process in an organization itself by six sigma can be very important.

And by getting green belt a applicant will possess the following abilities:

  • Creation of the highest structures internal organization with the proper use of the statistical analysis to fix the processes of the organization.
  • Money will be saved by the outcomes.
  • Another benefit is improvement in the customer services when the process is of project development.

Jobs & Pay

A green belt certified person from six sigma will have more job opportunities in comparison of the normal graduate applicant and according to the latest surveys and reports a six sigma green belt average salaries in the worldwide job postings are 38 % higher than the average salaries of non six sigma green belt applicants, reasons of huge number of jobs and more salaries are-

  • The knowledge provided by the course enhances your knowledge.
  • It also improves your skill to save money on the project.
  • Output will be more with less input.

These qualities makes a six sigma green belt qualified more superior than the others normal graduates.


Q1 What is six sigma?
A- It is a business management strategy to maximize the production and minimize the defects.

Q2 What are advantages of six sigma?
A- With this course you will get knowledge of saving money, improvement in production.

Q3 What are certifications provided?
A- In this course you will get green belt certification and black belt certification by IASSC.

Q4 Who should attend this course?
A- All the managers, team leaders and employing from IT, Construction etc.

Q5 In which way it will help us?
A- It will be help you in your increment of salary and explore new opportunities in you current organisation.

Q6 What are job availability?
A- More jobs will be available to the certified six sigma green belt than the normal graduates.

Q7 What is the prerequisite for this course?
A- A minimum 2 years of experience in service.

Q8 What is the course outline?
A- The course outline consists of 2 days.

Q9 Is this course available online?
A- Yes, this is available online.

Q10 Will you give your practice tests?
A- Yes practice tests will be given to the applicants.

Q12 What about facility of classroom training?
A- Classroom training will be given to the applicants.

Q13 I want to know about prerequisite.
A- No specific prerequisite.

Q14 Is the certification worldwide recognized?
A- Yes the certificate of the course is recognized worldwide.

Q15 Will I get the support during the course time?
A- Yes

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