IASSC-Accredited-Training-Center (1)You can have the advanced Training for the Six Sigma Black belt course. There is extensive use of the Minitab tool for the complete statistical analysis, the training will be at par at that of the international standard. And provides the ability to train and mentor the Green belt projects.

The course provides the complete overview of the DMAIC process which is the define, measure, analyze Improve and control phase which it is made up of. The significance of Black belt certification can be highlighted to the other members within the team.

The course will enable you to select the Project and also help you to understand the techniques for maximum impact on your projects, this provides a core insight to convert a simple problem to a one with data and then do statistical analysis upon it to reduce variation or errors in task, by giving a practical solution.


Course Outline

The 4day/ 40 hours Classroom or HD Virtual course will give us the knowledge of the graphical view of the six sigma, and in this course we learn about-

1. Define Phase:
a. The Basics of Six Sigma
b. The Fundamentals of Six Sigma
c. Selecting Lean Six Sigma Projects
d. The Lean Enterprise

2. Measure Phase:
a. Process Definition
a.i. Basics Statistics
b. Measurement System Analysis
c. Process Capability

3. Analyze Phase:
a. Patterns of Variation
b. Inferential Statistics.
c. Hypothesis Testing
d. Hypothesis Testing with Normal Data

4. Improve Phase
a. Simple Linear Regression
b. Multiple Regression Analysis

5. Control Phase:
a. Lean Controls
b. Statistical Process Control(SPC)
c. Six Sigma Control Plans

Best Suited For

Those who want to be leaders in the field of improvement with high precisions are suited for this six sigma black belt course. With the knowledge of Green Belt one can have more insight to the course. Astonishing results can be achieved with the correct implementation and improvements can be made which will enhance the output.

Those who aim to lead Green belt projects can aim for the certification for black belt.

This certification and course is highly in demand in the field of individuals who focus on quality management aspects of the industry

Those who have good communication skills, process improvement exposure and have problem solving techniques with a good skills for the data analysis and statistical analysis


It is mandatory to have the hands on experience of at least two projects which are completed and also having affidavits or else there has to be single project which has been completed and complete three years of working experience in the domain which cover the arena specified as per the Six Sigma Body of Knowledge.

* Not for all organizations it is mandatory to be a Green belt certified professional to apply for the examination of the black belt certification but definitely is a valuable addition.

* It is always Full time work experience which counts.

* Internship or any other part time are not valid for the Six Sigma Green Belt certification program.


Six sigma Black belt course provides the IASSC certification facility for all the applicants on successful completion of the training and Examination. The IASSC certification of the six sigma Black belt are recognized throughout the world and are valid throughout the world.

The IASSC six sigma Black Belt Pattern:

* Closed Book Exam
* 150 Multiple Choice Question Exam
* 4 hours Duration
* IASSC provides a Reference Document, that contains all formulas and tables one will need during the examination.


* Black Belt Certification adds value and helps the students to solve the problem with core analysis and be an expert in the domain.

* With the certification skill sets are sharpened and enables you to lead improvement initiatives and achieve the organizational objectives to reduce defects.

* You can have a look and view at wide ranges of problems and apply it across numerous domains from health to telecom service industry to manufacturing.

* In comparison to Quality aspect the Quantitative approach is not compromised.

* Enables the problem solving capacity and makes you think creatively and out of the box thinker for many problems.

* Certification always provides you an upper edge to jump start your career from where you are for the expert in the field of improvement.

* The Certification helps you to widen your thinking horizon and be an expert problem solved with the key focus on saving money to the organization and reaping success .

Jobs & Pay

* Many top level organization seek for the experts in six sigma with the certification of black belt.

* Few companies to name are the United Health Group, Ge, Volkswagen and many more globally.

* It is applicable to wide industries from software to Telecom and the health sector.

* You can have jobs at various positions depending on the organization you to choose to work for.

* A six sigma consultant who will lead the projects for business improvement with accuracy in organization.

* Process development executive to make flawless process which ensures minimum defects.

* An Analyst, system specialist, IT Project Manager, Operations manager and many more.

* Pay scale varies as per the organization and industry but is always on higher verge then the employees who are not certified with the six sigma black belt.


Q1 What is six sigma?
A- It is a business management strategy to maximize the production and minimize the defects.

Q2 What are advantages of six sigma?
A- With this course you will get knowledge of saving money, improvement in production.

Q3 What are certifications provided?
A- In this course you will get green belt certification and black belt certification by IASSC.

Q4 Who should attend this course?
A- All the managers, team leaders and employing from IT, Construction etc.

Q5 In which way it will help us?
A- It will be help you in your increment of salary and explore new opportunities in you current organisation.

Q6 What are job availability?
A- More jobs will be available to the certified six sigma green belt than the normal graduates.

Q7 What is the prerequisite for this course?
A- A minimum 2 years of experience in service.

Q8 What is the course outline?
A- The course outline consists of 4 days.

Q9 Is this course available online?
A- Yes, this is available online.

Q10 Will you give your practice tests?
A- Yes practice tests will be given to the applicants.

Q12 What about facility of classroom training?
A- Classroom training will be given to the applicants.

Q13 I want to know about prerequisite.
A- No specific prerequisite.

Q14 Is the certification worldwide recognized?
A- Yes the certificate of the course is recognized worldwide.

Q15 Will I get the support during the course time?
A- Yes

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