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ITIL-Approved-Examination-OrganizationThis ITIL Expert course is an innovative training curriculum that combines all the ITIL intermediates certifications into one integrated package. This course includes the following benefits:

  • The candidates get the superior knowledge in IT service management.
  • After getting certified the candidate is also able to apply for ITIL master level certification.
  • There are three modes for delivering this course that are as follows lifecycle track, capability track and mixed track.
  • The course contents are different in all these 3 modes.
  • This depends on candidate which one he chooses for himself.
  • There are many repudiated organizations that provide training for this ITIL Expert course.
  • After completing the course the candidates are capable for applying for the exam either direct or online.
  • After successfully clearing the exam the candidates are certified from this ITIL Expert certification and able to give their best on their organization.

Course Details


For clearing the exam the candidates must go for the whole course content.This course includes three modes with different contents. These are given below:

  • Lifecycle track:
    • Service strategy
    • Service design
    • Service transition
    • Service operation
    • CSI
    • Managing across the lifecycle.
  •  Capability track:
    • Release, control and validation
    • Service offerings and agreements
    • Operational support and analysis
    • Planning, protection and optimization
    • Managing across the lifecycle.
  • Mixed track:
    • The candidates can choose any of the above courses for the custom Expert program.
    • The candidates can choose the courses up to a maximum 17 credits from lifecycle or capability track.

As this certification is globally valid so the candidates can apply for this course from anywhere in the world. After getting 70% marks in exam the candidates get certified and can apply for job at anywhere in this world and get better salaries.

Best Suited

This certification course is good for everyone and helps the candidate to make the best career through this certification. There are some candidates who are benefitted most. These are as follows:

  • Chief Information officers (CIO’s)
  • Chief Technology officers (CTO’s)
  • IT architects
  • IT planners
  • IT consultants
  • IT audit managers
  • IT security managers
  • IT service delivery managers
  • IT service designers
  • IT senior managers
  • IT program Managers

Expect the above mention candidates this certification is also best suited for those who have keen in IT services and learn more and more in this field.

  • This is benefitted for those candidates who are seeking the ITIL Master Service management certificate.
  • The experienced candidates are more benefitted as compare to the fresh candidates.
  • The candidates who want to     increase their knowledge in the IT service management field can go for this certification course.


There is not any particular eligibility criterion for the candidates who want to make their career in IT services.

  • The candidates should have total 22 credits before applying for this certification course.
  • Before attending the course related to this certification the candidates must show the photocopy of all the credits that they have passed.
  • One important point is that the candidate should have ITIL foundation in service management certificate before applying for this certification.
  • There are many courses related to this ITIL. All the beneficial for the candidates
  • The candidate can choose the correct one as his or her career option.
  • If the candidates having some work experience that will be preferable otherwise freshers also apply for this course.
  • The candidates having keen interest in this IT service field can apply for this certification course.


  • For this qualification the candidates must attain a total of 22 credit points through the ITIL qualification scheme.
  • After clearing the exam successfully the candidates get certified from this ITIL expert course.
  • This certification is globally valid which means that the candidates can apply for job anywhere in the world.
  • This certification is lifelong valid.
  • The questions come in the exam are case study based.
  • For getting this certificate one should clear the MALC exam successfully.
  • After clearing the exam the candidate can get the certification within 7 to 10 days of exam.
  • After getting this certification the candidate is able to apply for the ITIL masters certification which is the top certification in ITIL.
  • The APMG international award this ITIL expert certification.
  • The ITIL qualifications offer a modular approach to the ITIL framework.


The certified candidates have the full knowledge related to this course so, they can apply anywhere in the world for the job and get good salary package. This course is beneficial for all. This certification benefits are as follows:

  • The certified candidates have better job options with handsome salary in hands.
  • Through this certification the candidates offered with credits towards becoming an ITIL Master.
  • This certification also improves the job performance. The promotion chances increased after get certified from this certification.
  • Through this certification the candidate also demonstrates the understanding of managing across the lifecycle.
  • The pays related to the job is also very high for the certified candidates.
  • The candidate gets a good career growth in IT services.
  • This certification is applicable for everyone and has proved a good growth in the candidate career.
  • The experienced candidates are more benefited from this certification course.


There are several frequently asked questions related to this certification. Some are given below:

  1. What is ITIL Expert course means?
    This is an innovative course that combines all the ITIL intermediates certifications into one integrated package and also allow candidates to quickly jump from basic ITIL foundation course to the Expert level course.
  2. How many tracks in this course?
    There are 3 tracks having different course content. These tracks include: lifecycle track, capability track and mixed track.
  3. What is the validation of this certification?
    This certification is globally valid.
  4. Is any digital gadget allowed in the exam?
  5. What is the eligibility criterion for this certification?
    The candidate requires 22 credits before applying for this certification course.
  6. What percentage is required to successfully clear the ITIL intermediate service strategy exam?
    The candidates must achieve 70% marks in the exam.
  7. Is this course available online also?
    Yes, from many repudiated organizations this course is available online also.
  8. How does the candidate get the certificate copy?
    If the candidate is a online candidate so he get the soft copy through mail and for classroom training candidates the organizations provide both hard and soft copy.
  9. How much time it will take for certification?
    Once clearing the exam successfully the candidates can get the certificate after 7 to 10 days of the exam.
  10. Is there any expiry date of this certification?
    No, it’s lifelong.
  11. Is the training also includes the practice test papers?
    Yes, this service is only for the benefit of the candidates.
  12. Is there any extra fee for the exam?
    No, this exam fee includes in the course fees only but through online process there are two packages with exam or without exam.
  13. Who are instructors here?
    Instructors are those teachers or mentors that help the candidates to learn the course easily and help them in any query related to the course.
  14. For which exam the candidate can apply after get certified from ITIL Expert certification?
    The candidate can apply for the ITIL master level after getting this certification.
  15. For whom this course is best suited?This certification is best suited for: CTO’s, CIO’s, IT architects, IT planners and for many more candidates.

Delivery Modes

Virtual Classroom

This training is beneficial for those candidates who want the full benefit of the classroom training but because of some circumstances they are not able to attend the classes. So, this will work as a live virtual class for those candidates. It includes the following features:

  • This training is offered by many repudiated organization in the whole world.
  • This is an interactive online session with the instructor and other delegates who are involved in this course training.
  • In this the candidate can directly interact with the trainer on the internet.
  • It provides easily access to the online course.
  • The candidate can learn the things from anywhere and at any time depends upon the candidate suitability.
  • It provides many practice test papers online for the benefit of the candidates.
  • After studying the whole course the candidates apply for the exam online.


The electronic learning process is very famous for those candidate either who do not get time from their household activities or for those candidates who are working somewhere. The features of this E-learning are:

  • The candidates learn the whole course online only by purchasing the package from the certified site.
  • Through this the candidates can learn the concepts from anywhere and at anytime depends upon the suitability of the candidate.
  • This process is flexible process for the candidate.
  • After completing the course study the candidate can apply for the exam also related to this     certification.
  • It also offers many online practice test papers to revise the whole course.
  • It also includes many online quizzes conducted by the full trained instructors for the benefit of the candidate.
  • If there is any query regarding any concept the candidate can directly ask to the instructor through live chat.

Practice Test

ITIL Expert course is one of the ITIL service lifecycle modules. There are many organizations that provide training related to these courses and also provides the practice tests also with this certification course. The benefits of these practice tests are given below:

  • The candidate is able to revise the whole course at a glance.
  • The candidate should come to know     that where he or she stands in case to knowledge related to this certification course.
  • The candidate also comes to know about the criterion of the question paper.
  • The candidate comes to know about his or her weak points and on which thing he has to focus more.
  • These practice tests are conducted     by the full experienced trainers for the benefit of the candidates only.
  • The practice tests offered online also for the online or E-learning candidates.
  • In classroom training also this course provides lots of practice tests related to this course.

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