Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Six Sigma Black Belt Training sharpens your skills as a member of the project management team. Through Six Sigma Black Belt Classroom Training or Six-Sigma Black Belt Online Training managers can learn the ins and outs of handling business projects. A Six Sigma Black Belt develops the qualities of a leader and can fulfill all the responsibilities that come with the management job.

About Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
A Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from the International Association of Six Sigma Certification (IASSC) is valid throughout the world. It involves:

  • A four hours examination
  • Closed book exam
  • 150 multiple choice questions

The reference material required is provided by the IASSC along with the tables and formulas you need to answer the exam.

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Best Suited
The Six Sigma Black Belt course has been designed to create leaders with pinpoint precision in business. It enhances one’s knowledge of business and results inefficient output. This course is suitable for:

  • Those with Green Belt Certification
  • Management Teams
  • Management Students
  • Team Leaders
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Software Professionals
  • Anyone engaging in innovation, consulting or research related practices
  • Persons who want to go beyond SSGB training and certification

Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Benefits
Six Sigma Black Belt Training offers up multiple benefits that improve one’s career status and value to the company. Some of these benefits are:

  • Ability to provide leadership and support to ongoing projects
  • Improves vital communication skills
  • Promotes creative thinking, which increases the ability to solve problems effectively
  • Creates domain experts capable of core analysis
  • Improving the quality of work does not compromise its quality
  • Gives you to the jump start you need to out run your competition
  • Provides skills that are useful across a number of domains
  • Offers management feedback about their performance and skills.
  • Enables an organization to exceed customer expectations

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training Key Features

  • You can get Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training in different fields of manufacturing and services.
  • Learn the Six Sigma philosophy process for improvements in management
  • Understanding advanced statistics
  • Group assessment and project coaching
  • 4-day training comprising of a 40 hours virtual or classroom course
  • Includes 5 main phases –Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control

Why Jagsar
Many well established firms look for employees with Six Sigma Black Belt Training. At Jagsar you can attend the Six Sigma Black Belt Workshop to learn about this area of training. Besides the workshops Jagsar also has:

  • Online training, providing flexibility to trainees
  • The Six Sigma Black Belt course taught here is certified by the IASSC
  • Our courses are affordable
  • Available to all irrespective of your qualification or position in a firm
  • You’ll receive high quality content during every class
  • The course teachers are open to questions and discussions
  • You can interact with other students to enhance the learning process

Jagsar basically promotes the whole learning process by providing every trainee with quality resources to learn and grow into smarter efficient individuals, at a time convenient to them and at affordable rates. Contact Jagsar today to find out more about Six Sigma Black Belt Certification training and how it can benefit you as a professional and your organization.

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