PRINCE2, ITIL or PMP: Which Certification is Right for You?

IT is a very popular career path. But with everyone in the IT sector what makes you so different? It’s time you gave your career a boost by acquiring knowledge and skills that set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Jagsar brings you a quick and simple guide to help you choose between three well respected qualifications that are renowned worldwide.

PRINCE2 – Projects In Controlled Environments

ITIL –Information Technology Infrastructure Library

PMP –Project Management Professional

How do you get PRINCE2, PMP and ITIL?

There are programs you can engage in to acquire certification for each of these IT Training Programs.

PRINCE2 training has the following levels:

  • Foundation
  • Practitioner
  • Professional

ITIL Certification training includes:

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Managing Across The Life cycle (MALC)
  • Expert
  • Master

PMP Certification training however is not split up into various levels of expertise.

ITIL PMP Prince2 Certification

How do individuals and organizations use them?

For IT service management you need to go in for ITIL Certification Training. The framework of this course is recognized all across the world. It delivers a cohesive set of the best IT practice, guidelines for development, delivery and management of IT services.

To manage projects and improve project management skills PMP Certification Training and PRINCE2 Training are your best options. Both these courses are accepted anywhere in the world and are perfect for beginners who don’t know anything about projects and how to manage them. Professionals can also take up these courses to revise what they’ve learned and how to better their performance.

How do the three qualifications differ in their approach?

What you learn under PMP is based on the Project Management Institute’s A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (or the PMBOK Guide). This guide will direct and equip you with tools and techniques you need to manage all your projects.

PRINCE2 is a more practical course. It has methodology based on various processes, allowing step-by-step detailed guidance for the delivery of projects. You’ll be taught a clear template of the processes and steps you need to follow in order to successfully manage a project.

ITIL is also process based like PRINCE2. It helps trainees manage and deliver IT services to an organization in a very effective manner. ITIL was originally only taken up by IT professionals. However, now it doesn’t matter what field you specialize in; you can participate in ITIL training. It helps in continuous improvement of efficiency, effectiveness, cost and quality management. Your entire organization can benefit from ITIL certification, or as an individual, you can set yourself apart from the rest.

What is the market for each of the qualifications?

The Project Management Institute qualifications come from USA, which makes PMP certification very prominent in America. It is also valued all over the world because of its comprehensive content in the PMBOK Guide.

PRINCE2 was originally developed by the UK, Office of Government Commerce. But now it is a universal standard followed by various IT firms and professionals, mainly because of its practical nature and scalability. The PRINCE2 qualification is mostly preferred in Europe, Australia and countries outside North America.

ITIL, on the other hand, is accepted everywhere on the planet. That’s because it helps an organization in every avenue and supports IT services in the business as well.

Is it worth doing more than one?

Yes! The more you learn, the better equipped you’ll be to handle anything. PRINCE2 deals with project framework, while PMP tells you what to do throughout the project life cycle. Both are concerned with project management, so gaining knowledge from both will help you take your project management skills to the next level. Together, they can control the project much better and improve the chances of success.

As for ITIL we already know it is an indispensable part of IT and now the entire organization. But for that IT Business edge you need both PMP and ITIL certification.

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