Prince 2, What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Have you been wondering if Prince 2 certification training is meant for you? Well if you deal with an organization’s projects, happen to run your own business or carry out non-commercial projects, obtaining Prince 2 certification can help you exercise better control over your resources, efficiently manage your projects and counter risks effectively.

But first what is Prince 2 certification? Prince 2 is an abbreviation for Projects IN Controlled Environments and the 2 represents the fact that this is a second generation system. In countries like the UK, this is a standard method of management in business and government organizations. The methodology of the Prince 2 system enables project management through well-structured working processes and deliverables.

Prince 2 comprises of a set of principles, which serves as a blueprint for the management of a project. These principles need to be considered at the start of every project. In order to effectively implement them, one must thoroughly understand what the project aims at achieving, what materials are required, the scale of the plan, the type of workforce needed and how long the project will last. As a result, you will be able to function as an informed member of the project team.

Prince 2 Certification Training

Whats Prince 2 Foundation Requirement?

There are no specific requirements for Prince 2 foundation programs. Anyone who is interested in taking up project management or gaining initial knowledge in this field can take up this course. It is a good way to start your career in business management and if you are a manager, enrolling in the Prince 2 foundation program will help you sharpen your skills and build your competencies. As a result there is no need for any experience or qualifications. The next Level is Prince2 Practitioner for which clearing Foundation level is Mandate.

PRINCE Project Management Methodology – Who Needs It?

The Prince 2 project management methodology is a good experience for persons who:

  • Want to survive in a tough competitive market
  • Have to manage large complex projects
  • Possess a key role in the project, like the post of a manager, administrator, marketing or technical directors
  • Would like to improve the performance of their employees or project team
  • Want to excel in their field of management

Benefits of Prince 2 Certification Training
With the help of Prince 2 certification training, individuals can benefit in the following ways:

  • The principles and concepts learnt are flexible, so that they can be applied to a variety of plans or situations.
  • The principles can be applied in all kinds of organizations, big or small.
  • The knowledge acquired through Prince 2 certification can be used to in other fields of management and administration as well to promote efficiency.
  • Managers and directors can improve their skills and knowledge and stay updated.
  • The course can increase your chances of acquiring a good post in an organization and also obtaining a promotion.
  • Gives individuals a competitive edge over others in the same area of expertise.

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