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ilabCEH Certification Training was developed with an aim to attest the capacity of network security and computer professionals. If the student gains enough knowledge and experience in troubleshooting methods and adequate awareness in terms of network security, they are offered CEH Certification Training. A regular upgrading on recent software and hardware is generally expected and so the certification even gets updated at times.

In this context, iLabs is actually a subscription based service, which allows learners to get into to a virtualized remote machine operating Windows 2003 Server to do different exercises included in Step-by Step CEHv9 iLab Guide. CEH v9 is a training program, which includes class metrics, lab environment, advanced hacking techniques and outstanding presentation materials. You only require a Internet and web browser to link and begin practicing. It helps students to carry out different hacking systems in a real time and virtual setting. The course tools along with programs are preloaded on iLabs machine thus saving the time and effort.

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The current model of CEH is V9. Though this version has recently been introduced, the exam of four hours includes 125 multiple choice questions, and needs at least a marks of 70% in order to pass. The examination will be web based through Prometric prime. The previous v9 included 150 multiple-choice questions with the same time limit.

Techniques learned from CEH iLab e-learning

  • A CEH ethically goes through network systems with different tools to check the strength of network.
  • A CEH v9 course illustrates students how to test, scrutinize, hack and protect networks.
  • CEH v9 is accepted by Department of Defense
  • Be familiar with counter-measures or the attacking systems for hacking various mobile platforms.

Prerequisites for CEH versions

  • Preferred One year’s experience in handling Windows or Linux systems or relevant knowledge or skills.
  • Software Professionals having basic information security training of networking services

Jagsar- to provide CEH Classroom Training and e-learning

Jagsar is an Global Learnings Company intended to give training to the working IT experts, to arrive at the highest skills in their individual professions and in this way, it offers a brilliant prospect for the students. Here you would further up your experience with individualized care, in conveying proper education in the course preferred; and come out successfully with high marks or the grades, to face any challenge in your professions and cheer up your life.

Information about certification
International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants or in other words EC-Council is one of the professional certification units for IT-security- oriented trainings. The certificate authorizes the applicant, who can come out successful in their exams, to be recognized as Certified Ethical Hacker.

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Career opportunities

The career prospects for CEH ILab are immense. It is known to all that with incredible development of Internet Marketing overcoming a huge part of real-world population, and more than one billion websites, the demand for the IT security is extremely well conceivable.

Large, medium as well as small businesses vie with one another, in appointing qualified persons with background of CEH Certification training, and recognized with EC-Council Certified Ethical Hackers designation, to look after the IT-security.


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