A complete guide to get success in CISA examination

As the field of Information System auditing is expanding, the popularity of IS auditors and security experts have increased greatly. With this growth in the industry the prospect for CISA certified experts have increased. Certified Information Systems Auditor is the audit professional qualifications supported by the ISACA. It is a rigorous exam, which needs promise and dedication on the candidates’ part to be eligible for the CISA exam.

CISA Certification Training
Requirements to attain CISA certification

CISA Certification needs a minimum of five years of practical work experience in the area of information systems auditing or security. ISACA permits the following as the substitutes to qualify.

  • At least one year’s experience in information systems experience or in non-IS auditing
  • A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree from any university, which implements the ISACA-based Model Curricula, may be alternated for one year of experience.
  • Master’s degree in IT from a certified university may be substituted for the experience.
  • A full-time university trainer for 2 years in a relevant field

Some of best guidelines to pass the CISA Exam are discussed here-

Practice review questions and answers of CISA

ISACA offers CISA review questions with answers and also the manual for more practice and self-study. The candidates can take the help of the model questions and answers to know difficult concepts and ideas and develop their CISA preparation of exam towards achieving a CISA certification. The review questions or answers are intended to provide an outline of the CISA test. Moreover ISACA often revises the manual and sample questions in accordance with the changing auditing field.

Look at the CISA blogs and CDs

CISA students can also obtain CISA CDs and develop their insights on each of the topics. For more preparation, the applicants can have the CISA CDs of previous years and exploit the mock-up exam generator including the CDs. The most excellent way is to know the reasoning behind these answers and not merely study the answers.

In addition to the CISA CDs, the applicants must also visit different CISA blogs or articles accessible in the online world to find better insights on the exam preparation of CISA Training. You can also go through CISA periodical found in the ISACA website.

Practical experience

To succeed in a professional certification course as CISA, it is also quite necessary to get knowledge in the practical area. IT audit is similar to the other audit category but with a various scale. A professional must have a concept of business process, meaning of audit scope, audit planning as well as reporting based on the real industry.

CISA Training Courses in Jagsar

A lot of accredited associations present classroom training along with CISA Online Training. Participants can experience such courses and perk up their knowledge about IS auditing. Jagsar is a leading training institute, which provides CISA certification training with a blended model. The whole faculty of this institute always tries to keep the curriculum always updated, and the progressions in technologies are promptly added into the curriculum of the course. The Certified-KTE or Knowledge Transfer Expert and Training Advisor are regularly accessed by the customer feed-backs.

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