Training from Jagsar International to get ITIL Certifications

Jagsar International a very renowned training company that provides ITIL Certification Training globally. If the students do not have time to attend the classroom based training, then there is an option to opt for the online ITIL Certification Training. It is a two/three day training, which allows the students to enjoy the experience of the classroom type training, simply sitting at home or anywhere.

ITIL Certifications Training

Modes of training
ITIL Certification Training in Jagsar International is offered by 15+ years of experienced, Expert Level Certified Accredited instructors, who can introduce all learners to ITIL and guarantee that get they would get a thorough real time knowledge of IT management services as well as approaches. The whole course uses certified course material and the students also obtain soft copy of these materials for further reference. Even if it is online teaching, the course lets you to interact with other learners and trainers during the session.

Details of the course
During the entire training period, you will have an deep introduction into the ITIL modules. A few of the modules, which you will learn as a portion of the ITIL Certification Training comprise:

  • Service management and strategy
  • Service transition and operation of service
  • Constant service development
  • Technology as well as architecture

Besides, you will be prepared for International examination by appearing mock tests. You can also avail free access to the recorded training courses for 30 days. If it is not enough, then you will even find discount receipts for other training courses to improve your awareness not only in ITIL but also other core IT fields. Moreover sample exam papers, simulators and Walk in Clinics are also available in the course. You can have your final certification examinations at the comfort of your house by means of the Web ProctorU technology that is accessible any time.

ITIL qualifications are obtainable at four levels with every certificate carrying many credits towards the higher level qualifications. These 4 levels of the qualification are stated here-

1. ITIL Foundation
ITIL Foundation Certificate related to IT Service Management is mainly for those individuals who need a basic knowledge of the ITIL structure and how it can be used to boost the value of IT service administration within an association. It is also for those IT experts who IT professionals who are working in an organization, which has adapted ITIL.

2. ITIL Intermediate
This ITIL Intermediate Certificate is for those who want a deeper comprehension of the ITIL Service Management Practice components of ITIL Service Lifecycle and also how it can be implemented to improve the excellence of IT service management. This ITIL Intermediate is also for the IT professionals who deal with strategic planning, implementation and control in a service-based business structure, seeking more knowledge of the functions and methods of the ITIL Service Lifecycle.

At this intermediate stage there are nine modular lessons from which the learners will typically have to acquire fifteen credits so as to go to the next- Managing across the Lifecycle Course and attain the ITIL Expert qualification.

3. ITIL Expert-
This ITIL Expert qualification is achieved by gathering credits from the two primary levels of the Scheme. There will be no examination necessary for this level; but individuals should achieve credits through a choice of balanced subject areas that are examined across the whole field of ITIL Service Management Practice.

4. ITIL Master-
Individuals wishing to get Advanced Level status are needed to have at least eight years experience in ITSM and also the ITIL Expert certification.

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