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In this modern era, with the emerging network technologies, the security threats are also growing every day. The nasty hacking crimes are inevitable in this present times. Web-based loopholes are always left open hence, quite vulnerable for most anyone to intrude. Certain unauthorized people dubbed as “Hackers” are using such passages liberally and unlawfully, which is threat to business. The best solution for a business or organization to maintain and defend their IT infrastructure & network is to recruit professionals named as Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH).

Of various information security training programs, the Certified Ethical Hacker program is the pinnacle program for any information security professional ever want to be in.

Qualification as a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) can get you far. It not only provides you an immense knowledge on internet security & networking, but also helps you in identifying the flaws in the system & how hackers get through. In order to become an expert in hacking technologies, you need to become a hacker, but an ethical one! CEH training provides the tools as well as techniques used by hackers & information security professionals akin to break into an organization. Certified Ethical Hacking course will immerse you into the Mindset of a hacker so that you can safeguard your business from future attacks.


About the Latest CEH V9
CEH V9 training or course is most advanced ethical hacking course across the globe with 18 security domains. Online CEH V9 training includes 18 comprehensive modules, and covers 270 attack technologies, which are commonly used by hackers. This CEH V9 training is the new and enhanced version of CEH V8. In this new version of CEH training, advanced methodologies and techniques were used to address the security issues.

Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) qualification is obtained by assessing the security of computer systems, by making use of penetration testing techniques. CEH exam code is 312-50, and the new certification granted is CEH Version 9.

CEH V9 training program help you to become expert in ethical hacking methodology, which can be utilized in the penetration testing or ethical hacking condition. You walk-out with an excellent ethical hacking skills, which are in-demand, when you come out of the CEH V9 training Classroom.

Why only CEH V9
New Attack Vectors are focused
Prominence on Cloud Computing TechnologyCEH  V9 Training

  • CEH V9 emphasize on various coercions and hacking attacks to the developing cloud computing technology
  • A wide range of countermeasures are covered to conflict cloud computing attacks
  • Detailed pen testing methodology is provided for cloud systems to recognize coercions or threats in advance


Main focus on Mobile Platforms & Tablet Computers

  • CEH v9 focuses on the new hacking attacks targeted to tablet computers, mobiles and covers countermeasures to defend mobile infrastructure.
  • CEH v9 training is the coverage of latest development in web & mobile technologies.

Addresses new vulnerabilities

The following are some of the new vulnerabilities

  • Heartbleed CVE-2014-0160
  • Shellshock CVE-2014-6271
  • Poodle CVE-2014-3566
  • Hacking Using Mobile Phones
  • Coverage of new Trojan, Backdoors and Virus
  • Courseware includes Information Security Controls & Information Security Standards as well as laws
  • Labs on Hacking Cloud Computing and Mobile Platforms
  • Over 40% new labs will be added from Version 8
  • Over 1500 new/updated tools
  • CEH V9 training Classroom program emphasis on addressing security issues to the Windows 8.1 operating systems
  • CEH V9 training program also emphases on addressing the present threats to operating environments dominated by Windows 8, Windows 7 and other OS.

CEH V9 Certification

Best Suited for?

The Certified Ethical Hacking training course would considerably beneficial to auditors, security officers, site administrators, security professionals and anyone who is worried about the integrity of the network infrastructure.

What is the employment value of CEH V9?

CEH V9 Certification is worldwide recognized Certified Ethical Hacker certification! Online CEH V9 training, course prepares and refines you to handle and crack all the hacking issues caused by the unethical hackers. According to, a Certified Ethical Hacker draws an average annual salary of $68,314. At present, the demand for CEH V9 training & certification is very high and continues to remain so in the long run. Every other day, employers in leading companies are looking for certified professionals to audit their organizations security policy as well as to secure their sensitive data and save their business from other hazards. With the increasing internet and web technologies, threats are also growing, thus, in future the employment scope for CEH V9 trained professional is very high.

CEH V9 Training at Jagsar International

JAGSAR, is a fastest emerging IT Learning’s & Certification Organization, that offers advanced corporate training programs for various working IT professionals. At Jagsar International, we offer three different modes of training such as online training, cooperate training and classroom training. CEH V9 Training in Jagsar International not only improves your ethical hacking skills, but also prepares you to crack any sort of hacking issue. Global Accredited partner for Axelos, APMG, EC-Council, EXIN, Peoplecert, IAASC etc. Official Training Partner’s for Fortune 500 Companies. International Brand. Achieved Highest Customer Satisfaction Percentage (98.64%)Our KTE’s (Knowledge Transfer Expert) are authorized with 98% Ratings from our Customer Feedbacks.

So why waiting for. get the benefit of Early bird discounts on CEH v9 and get enrolled at Jagsar international to make yourself an Expert Certified ethical hacker.

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