Education Allowances for Employees: How to Make Right Use of It

Getting the right IT training serves as an important feature that helps the employees to occupy the suitable position in his/her workplace. Therefore, it’s important for every person to opt for the accurate form of training equipped with all the advanced approaches. The virtual class rooms makes easier to participate in the programs from anywhere without any difficulties taking part in the global educational field.

Jagsar emerges as the organization organizing such training sessions where you can easily participate without any difficulties. The IT professionals can be benefited from the advanced courses that make them aware of certain useful facts. Here, you can explore a global backdrop where the employees from any part of the world can join attending the complete program in a virtual classroom. It comes out with the smarter approaches that enhance your interest while studying at Jagsar.


A permanent head can sanction up to 100% educational allowance in advance to his or her concerned employee before the commencement of the approved course. This education allowance comprehends paying full or partial tuition fees, meeting all expenses regarding registration fees, travel expenditure, study materials and examination fees for the approved course. Study materials include course related books, reference materials, course specific resources and software. The approval is given for courses pertaining to job related skills or governmental and ministry needs.

The sanctioned education allowance will be given to the employee before the start of the approved course.
1. Importance of the IT Training

* Here one can get familiar with the reasons why such training forms an essential part to bring success accompanied with the smarter options that play a vital role for the overall execution of the activities:

* It helps the stuffs to become well-versed with the new technologies that show the recent market trends.

* Comes out with an increased productivity resulting in a better success rate.

* Moreover, it provides the opportunities to the employees ensuring a steep growth in their professional career.

The permanent head can waive necessary conditions required for the employee to fulfill the needs of the Promissory Note under situations in which the employee is not permitted to complete the approved course.

2. Upon successful completion of the course by the employee

The employee has to forward a proof to the ministry’s Human Resource Service Team upon successful completion of the approved course. If the employee has successfully met all the requirements of the course, then he or she will be exempted from repaying back the province for the approved educational aid.

The course may be considered tax free depending upon the nature of the concerned course as follows:

* Courses pertaining to enhancement of employer or job related skills will be tax-free to the employee.

* Other courses like first-aid training which are indirectly related to the employer’s business will also be tax-free.

* Courses related to technical skills or personal interest, which are not related to the employee’s business are taxable.

* Overall, it represents the real achievements utilizing the true benefits of the courses available at Jagsar particularly organized for the working professionals.


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