ECSA Training at Jagsar International enhances your Hacking Skills & Methodologies

  • Are you a Certified Ethical Hacker who is proficient in writing custom hacking code?
  • Have enough knowledge and an arsenal of hacking tools? Looking to implement penetration test for an enterprise client?
  • Seeking to gain experience in writing custom penetration testing report?
  • And, significantly, do you have an internationally recognized certification that verifies your penetration testing capabilities?

If you are the one, looking to gain experience and knowledge to execute a successful penetration test according to accepted industry standards, then ECSA Certification training is an impeccable choice for people like you.

About ECSA

Core Expert Master

ECSA course (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst) counterparts the (CEH) Certified Ethical Hacker certification by scrutinizing the things found out from the ethical hacking. CEH exposes the learner to hacking technologies and tools, whereas ECSA training takes it a step advance by exploring how to evaluate the outcome from those tools & technologies.

Through pioneering penetration testing methods & techniques, ECSA online training assists students to carry out the intensive assessments required to efficiently identify and allay risks to the security of the infrastructure.

EC-Council Certified Security Analyst training is a security credential. ECSAv9 classroom training offers you hands-on penetration testing experience. It is internationally accepted hacking & penetration testing class, which includes testing of operating systems, modern infrastructures and application environments when training the students on how to document as well as write a penetration testing report.

ECSA online training program boosts individual’s ability by educating them how to apply the skills erudite in CEH by utilising penetration testing methodologies. It is an extremely collaborating, broad, standards-based and methodology intensive security training program that explains information security professionals to conduct real life penetration tests.

What is new in the ECSAv9

ECSAV9 is the latest version of EC-Council Certified Security Analyst course. This testing course is designed to improve the skills based on the capability of a penetration tester. Contrasting the earlier version of ECSA exam, in the latest ECSAv9, a student will only be enabled to take the ECSA exam only after abiding certain prerequisites.

In order to become eligible, a learner or student should conduct a comprehensive penetration test via the EC-Council Cyber range iLabs environment as well as submit the written report through EC-Council’s ASPEN system. Students who have successfully gone through the penetration test in the Cyber Range iLabs environment are enabled to take the ECSA exam.

A penetration test will be conducted on a company that has numerous subnets &servers, and departments as well as multiple operating systems with defense mechanisms architecture (militarised and non-militarised zones)

Out Line of ECSA

What is Cyber Range Ilabs

The ECSA course is completely a hands-on program and its exercises cover real world scenario. If the skills provided during the ECSA classroom training are practiced well, then individual’s skills are enhanced and their speed is elevated with the latest threats that organisations may be vulnerable to. This could be attained with Cyber Range iLabs. It enables individuals or learners to enthusiastically access a host of Virtual Machines preconfigured with vulnerabilities, tools, exploits & scripts from anyplace with an internet connection.

With iLabs, lab practices or exercises can be accessed round the clock, enabling the student to exercise skills in a secure and entirely functional network anytime it is convenient.

ECSAv9 Exam Information

Now ECSA v9 has 2 Levels.

Candidates who submit reports to the standards will be offered with exam vouchers for the multiple-choice ECSAv9 exam. This multiple choice exam is conducted via an EC-Council Exam portal through an Authorized Training Company like JAGSAR International

Credit Towards Certification: ECSA v9

The ECSAv9 Exam consists of 150 Questions and the minimum qualification points to get through this exam are 70. The duration of this exam is 4 hours.

Who is it for?

ECSA online training is impeccable for Penetration Testers Network server administrators, Ethical Hackers, Firewall Administrators, System Administrators, Risk Assessment professionals and Security Testers.
The ECSA exam tests the student’s knowledge as well as application of critical penetration testing methodologies. However, to become eligible to for this exam, candidates are required to carry out real-world penetration testing and should produce a penetration test report that obviously documents the vulnerabilities found.
Candidates who get through the ECSA exam successfully pass the multiple-choice exam and will be awarded will the ECSA credential.

ECSA training at JAGSAR

Being a fastest growing IT Learning’s and Certification Organization, Jagsar International offers advanced corporate training programs for numerous professionals and enhance their skills in their destined course. Learners or trainees who approach Jagsar international for training can attain a complete knowledge on ECSA. ECSA training at Jagsar, improves individual’s skills in executing penetration test successfully.

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