Ec-council LPT certification at Jagsar International, To set you apart from the crowd

Would you like to enhance your skills in Network security? If yes, then LPT Certification training should be your next step. LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester) is process of exploiting recognized susceptibilities in the network. In these recent times, network security has become most significant and popular, as the organizations and businesses are enough aware of the significant of network security from cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks can charge firms millions of dollars, so the investment in recruiting a Licensed Penetration Tester is well worth the cost.

LPT Certification Training

About LPT

The Licensed Penetration Tester certification training is the recommended next step after attaining the CEH v9 (Certified Ethical Hacker) and ECSA v9 (EC-Council Certified Security Analyst) certifications. In order to attain the prominent LPT Certification, you should get through LPT exam thrivingly, which could be possible after undergoing LPT online training or classroom training. Of all network security courses, LPT is capstone to boosts individuals career and job prospect in the field of network security.

LPT Frame Work        Mastery of Skills need to be demonstrated by an individual to conduct full Black box penetration testing. Learners will follow the complete process taught via ethical hacking & Security Assessment starting from reconnaissance via scanning, enumeration, attaining access, maintaining access, then exploiting susceptibilities in the network that only a true and knowledgeable Licensed Penetration Tester professional will be able to break. Individuals must document their pen test in a thorough, professional penetration test report in order to successfully pass the LPT master practical. The penetration test report includes the formats learnt in ECSA program, after that industry standard, penetration testing & reporting procedures utilized by some of the top professionals in the industry. Based on complex rubric, by other penetration testing professionals, the report will be reviewed and scored. The final step after CEH & ECSA certification and intense training is LPT Certification Exam. So, get through it successfully and lead your way towards bright career opportunities.

How does the LPT helpful in conducting pen tests?                           LPT Pen tests
The LPT classroom training or certification guarantees individuals hands on skills to their employers or clients. It also offers individuals with an “entry pass” to be a part of team, which caters a platform to showcase the skills and attain real-world pen testing experience, internationally.

LPT Exam a Real Time Performance Based Assessment

The LPT Exam is developed with alliance from SMEs & practitioners across the globe after a thorough job task, job role, as well as skills-gap analysis. The target assessment in LPT Exam is classified into various departments based on roles. Candidates are provided with access code at the start of exam cycle, where they need to carryout black-box teste sting of the target organization.

A Licensed Penetration Tester should triumphantly undergo all the three phases of network hacking namely, Reconnaissance phase, Exploitation phase and Post-Exploitation phase. Candidates are likely to demonstrate their proficiency in each of these phases by completing all the challenges successfully. Following this, candidates should submit a report of their methodology used, findings, corroborative screenshots, custom exploits, scripts, or any other method they used to penetrate the network. For each completed challenge, points are awarded to the candidates based on the challenge’s level of complexity and the approach they used to defeat it. The LPT online training is what sets you apart from the crowd in the field of network security.

LPT exam information

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate should be an ECSA member in good standing
  • At least two years of working experience in pen testing
  • Must possess any other approved industry certifications like OSCP or GPEN cert

LPT Certification Peter Black

How exam will be conducted

  • Instructions on how to activate their exams will be sent through an email to their registered mail ID
  • Candidates activate their exams via ASPEN, using their unique Aspen LPT (Master) Dashboard Access Code provided to them.LPT Licence
  • Five days’ time is given to the candidate to complete the required blackbox penetration test
  • 30 days’ time is given to the candidate to submit the completed penetration test report via ASPEN account.
  • Exam results will be sent to the candidate via an official email notification within a short span of time
  • Extension to the iLabs Cyber Range access is possible for candidates but on some charge.

Jagsar for your LPT online training

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