COBIT 5 goals cascade ensures effective management of enterprise IT

COBIT5 offers a sophisticated framework that helps enterprises to reach their goals successfully for the governance and management of IT. In simplistic terms, COBIT5 helps firms create optimum value from IT by counterbalancing benefits, optimizing risk factors and resource utilization. COBIT 5 helps IT to be managed and governed in an efficient manner by considering the end to end business and knowing the interests of internal as well as external stakeholders. It is generic and useful for either commercial as well as non-profit businesses of all sizes.

The goals cascade is considered as the important element of COBIT 5 as it links enterprise goals to IT-related goals, and these IT-related goals can be accomplished through the optimal use and implementation of all enablers in incorporating processes.

COBIT 5 Goals Cascade

Why COBIT 5 goals cascade?
Every firm has its way of operational context, which will be decided by external as well as internal factors. So, it requires a customized governance and management system. All the needs of the stakeholders need to be changed into an organization’s actionable strategy. Here comes the role of COBIT 5 goals cascade, which transforms stakeholder’s requirements into specific, actionable and customized IT, as well as enterprise-oriented objectives. This sort of translation allows setting goals at every level of the enterprise. Hence, it maintains the association between business needs and IT services.

How COBIT 5 goals cascade works?
The following are the four steps involved in the working procedure of COBIT 5 goals cascade:

Stakeholder drivers effects stakeholders needs
The needs of the stakeholders will be influenced by certain factors, which include strategic transformations and evolution of new technologies.

Stakeholder requires cascade to enterprise objectives
The requirements of the stakeholders can be associated with generic enterprise objectives that are determined using the dimensions of the balanced scorecard. Majority of enterprise-specific objectives can be mapped handily onto more generic enterprise goals.

Enterprise Goals cascade to IT related objectives
In order to accomplish enterprise objectives, a lot of IT related outcomes representing their goals are required. In the goals cascade, each of the 17 enterprise objectives is coupled with relevant IT objectives. Notably, there are 17 IT-oriented objectives that are organized into the four scorecard dimensions.

IT-related Goals Cascade to Enabler Goals
Realizing IT related objectives requires the successful application and lot of enablers. Enablers consist of procedures and organizational structures. For every enabler, certain relevant objectives can be determined in the support of IT-oriented objectives.

What are the benefits?
COBIT 5 goals cascade plays a significant role because it helps the priorities to get executed, enhanced and assured based on the strategic objectives of the enterprise. With its mapping tables connecting enterprise and IT-related goals and IT-related objectives and COBIT 5 enablers, the goals cascade should be used as a guideline. The COBIT goals cascade is very convenient to use, and one can customize COBIT 5 via goals cascade. It will help to transform high-level enterprise objectives into specific, manageable and IT related objectives.

Why COBIT5 Certification Training?

If you undertake COBIT 5 goals cascade Certification Training, you will be able to:

  • Determine the relevant and tangible objectives at various levels
  • Filter the knowledge base of COBIT 5 to cite relevant guidance for incorporating in assurance projects
  • Know the importance of enablers to fulfill enterprise objectives

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