COBIT ®5 Foundation Certification Online Training

COBIT 5 Certification Training is a good way to maximize your IT knowledge and improve your organization’s performance. It is the newest edition the global framework from ISACA. Getting certification in it will help you get the most out of IT.

COBIT5 Foundation Certification

COBIT 5 Certification Training teaches you techniques and methods for IT security and governance. The course is useful to all kinds of organizations profit and non-profit making, small, large and medium. It ensures innovative and effective use of IT to attain the organizations goals. COBIT 5 Training helps create professionals capable of taking a company all new heights. Here’s what you’ll be learning:-

  • Introduction to COBIT 5 key features
  • Risk Optimization
  • Principles of COBIT 5
  • Analysis of the principles
  • Using COBIT 5 to manage projects
  • Change management, Knowledge management and IT security and governance
  • COBIT 5 Certification Methodologies
  • Introduction to basic courses, configurations management and asset management

The course gives you the ability to plan and organize COBIT 5 projects in the organization, how to make the best use of your knowledge and skills and how to assess and evaluate project concepts.

Your advantages of COBIT 5 Certification Online Training

There are multiple advantages and benefits you’ll receive with COBIT 5 Foundation Training, for both individuals and organizations. You can upgrade your IT knowledge with the COBIT 5 Certification Training course, and improve your performance in the work place and secure a better position in where you work.

  • Ensures candidates stand out from the rest
  • Certified COBIT 5 Training is accepted all over the world
  • Helps in making well informed decisions reducing security risks
  • Provides candidates with a thorough understanding of potential risks so necessary action can be taken to avoid
  • them and reduce damage
  • Enables the organization to meet all its statutory and regulatory requirements
  • Delivers essential tools required to keep up high quality work
  • Reduces complexities
  • Brings about a cost effective approach
  • Increases customer satisfaction through improved information security integration
  • Accomplishes an organizations strategic goals and objectives
  • Supports changes made in the organization
    Improves skill to align it with business needs

As a result taking up a COBIT 5 Online Training course, it makes it easy for employers to choose the best and potential employees to be the best.

Who can attend?
This course is ideal for those who are serious their work. But a number of others can take it up too to improve their understanding and knowledge of IT and IT Security and governance.

The course is meant for:

  • Stakeholders and business leaders dealing with ITS governance and management
  • A company’s project team members and managers
  • Supervisory staff
  • Team leaders, planners, designers and architects
  • Assurance agents and analysts
  • IT managers and consultants

Why Jagsar
Jagsar with its years of training experience help you go a long way in your career. Some of the best reasons for you to consider Jagsar are:cobit 5 certification

  • Global Accredited Training Company for COBIT 5 through ISACA and APMG.
  • Multiple Delivery modes through COBIT 5 Online Training and COBIT 5 Classroom Training.
  • Provide step by step learning Process.
  • Encourages interactions and discussions among students and with teachers.
  • Provides you with state of the art technology and other facilities during lab exercises and practical work
  • We make sure you obtaining COBIT 5 certification by providing practice tests.
  • COBIT 5 Certification Training from Jagsar has international recognition

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