CISA certification training at Jagsar International Pvt Ltd

CISA course outline

CISA (Certified information systems auditor) course is classified into five modules which covers in detail about IS audits and review outlined by ISACA. Five modules of CISA include

  • Module 1- The process of auditing information system
  • Module 2- Governance and Management of IT
  • Module 3- Information Systems Acquisitions, Development and Implementation.
  • Module 4- Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Support.
  • Module 5- Protection of information Assets.

Each module contributes to professional credits that reflect in final CISA certificate.

 CISA Certification Training at Jagsar International

CISA training in Jagsar International

CISA (Certified information systems auditor) is a certification that acts as a standard for business systems and IT professionals. CISA certification is sponsored by the ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control Association) to information technology audit professionals. It is a professional certification globally recognised level for estimating IT auditor’s skills and proficiency in handling attacks and initiating technology controls in enterprises. Jagsar international is an IT learning and certification organization, it provides CISA training to the individuals, enhance their knowledge and skills by utilising new technologies.

Eligibility and benefits of CISA

Candidates appearing for CISA should have one year of auditing, security and control experience along with one year experience in information systems and auditing. Along with these candidates should meet the following

  • Candidates should successfully complete CISA examination
  • Submit an application for CISA certification
  • Adherence to the code of professional ethics
  • Adherence to the continuing professional education programme
  • Compliance with the information systems auditing standards
  • Benefits of CISA certification include
  • CISA certification demonstrates candidates knowledge and skills to meet dynamic challenges
  • Provides global recognition as IT audit professional
  • Markets and measures candidates expertise
  • Competitive advantage over others
  • High professional standards and salary
  • Credibility in the job market
  • Increase value in organization

CISA certification training at Jagsar International

Jagsar International offers CISA training in Hyderabad to IT professionals in different delivery modes like classroom, one to one, customized and virtual. Jagsar International offers online CISA certification training using new improved technologies to the candidates to meet their convenience. CISA training practices include set of high standard exercises that are crucial in improving knowledge of candidates and also help them to get through the attacks at an organization. Jagsar International trains candidates in management and leadership along with CISA security training and certification. Jagsar international with a board of highly professional trainers and consultants offer superior quality training.

Why CISA training at Jagsar International

Jagsar International is recognised as most trusted brand in professional learning. Jagsar International provides CISA certification training in Hyderabad to IT professionals and assists them in enhancing their knowledge and skills in the 5 domains of CISA. Jagsar international offers CISA certification training using new technologies, with professional and highly expertise trainers and in different modes to meet the requirements of candidates. Jagsar International delivers superior value to the candidates by offering several advanced IT training & certification programs.