CEH V8 Certification Training to learn the core & advanced ethical hacking techniques

Certified Ethical Hacking has become the most sought-after profession in today’s information security world. With the rapid evolution of technology, it is quite easy for hackers to penetrate the networks and misuse the data. So, most top MNC’s are looking for a solution to overcome the problem. The solution has come in the form of Certified Ethical Hacking Online Training, which imparts aspirants with the knowledge that is required to track the potential threats and protect the company’s data from hackers.

A certified ethical hacker is a person who is responsible to protect the company’s data from misuse or loss or theft. The person who does a Certified Ethical Hacking Online Training thinks the same as a hacker and executes similar strategies to prevent network penetration. Students who undertake Online CEH Certification Training can discover vulnerabilities and security flaws in the network and strengthens the defenses against any potential threats.

CEH V8 Certification Training

The new CEHV8 has geared up to provide sophisticated security
CEHV8 has come up with the significant updates and rolled out as the most important tool to protect the networks from malicious attacks. Aspirants who undertake CEHV8 Training can gain knowledge of advanced hacking concepts including various mobile platforms as well as tablet computer hacking techniques. The majority of concepts that were incorporated in the CEH V8 will be in line with EC-Councils newest cyber range. With 20 more added security domains, CEHV8 consists of a number of advancements such as well-structured content flow, latest attack and hacking techniques, well-known hacking and security tools and penetration testing components.

CEH Certification Training
CEH Certification Training is designed to groom students and hone their skills in ethical hacking techniques. When you undertake Online CEH Certification Training, you will walk-out with the exceptional skills that are in great demand. Besides this, you will also get a globally recognized Certified Ethical Hacker v8 certification.

CEH Certification Training is for:-

  • Security Officers
  • Auditors
  • Network Admin
  • Firewall Admin

What are the requirements for Certified Ethical Hacking Online Training?

  • Students from IT and security academics
  • Familiar with TCP/IP
  • 1 year of experience in network technologies

Career prospects
Candidates who attained a CEH certification can get rewarding career opportunities with high pay scales. Few top designations include:

  • Network/System Admin
  • Systems Engineer/ Architect
  • Network Security Professionals

Why CEH v8?

  • 600+ new coaching slides
  • Over 40 percent of new labs
  • 1500+ of upgraded tools
  • Addresses the potential threats and security issues of the most updated operating systems including Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
  • Concentrates on recent hacking attacks on mobile, tablets platforms and consists of counteracts to secure mobile infrastructure.

What are the benefits of CEH v8?

  • 20 Modules
  • 110 Labs
  • 1770 slides with text
  • Revised data in accordance with proper flow
  • Powerful practices to secure the data against various other attacks

With so many added features, CEH v8 will definitely roll out as the most important tool in the future. And, obviously candidates who have undertaken CEH v8 training will surely have a great demand in the next few years. Jagsar will give the right push for students who wish to join CEH Certification Training. Training at Jagsar can reap you significant benefits where you can learn from the top-notch professionals and walk-out with the skills that are currently in demand in the industry. Our Certified Ethical Hacking Online Training will expose you to different forms of ethical hacking mechanisms, and you can learn how to scan, test, hack and penetrate the networks.

Online CEH Certification Training at Jagsar is a complete suite that teaches you how malicious users hack the networks and what steps are to be taken to prevent the networks from attacking. At the end of the course, students will have complete knowledge on ethical hacking and can able to attain a certification with ease.

Make your career bright and prosperous by booking a slot in our CEH Certification Training!

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