CEH and CISSP Certifications: Choose the right one by knowing the key differences

Do you want to advance your career in Cyber security? Interested to undertake the best Cyber Security Training but, confused about which certification to choose. Well, continue reading this article to find out the right certification course that suits best for you.

Nowadays, cyber security has become the most important concern that should not be ruled out in any scenario. No matter whether your company is small or big, the ratio of cyber attacks can just spoil the data. The intruders have the potential to hack the data, penetrate the networks and lock your online operations completely. So, most companies are in need of cyber security professionals who can prevent the company’s data from malicious users and hackers.

Cybersecurity Certifications Training

Cyber Security Certification Training
In order to attain complete knowledge in cyber security, you need to undertake specialized certification training in top Certifications Courses. Since there are a number of cyber security certification courses, it is very difficult to choose a one from the pool. But, Certified Information Systems Security Professional certifications and Certified Ethical Hacker have rolled out as the most important courses that can help you to bag a good opportunity within a short span. Hence, one can choose any of the certification training to advance their career as a cyber security professional. In order to bring more clarity for you, we have listed out few differences between these two certifications that can help you choose the right one.

Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Training
CEH is the most in-demand certification that imparts you with the skills that are required to act like a hacker. CEH Certification Training is mostly opted by IT professionals who are very keen to learn about the new technologies and versions in the cyber security field. The Certified ethical hacker certification exam consists of 150 questions, and the qualifying mark is set at 70%. If you wish to undertake CEH Certification Training, then undoubtedly Jagsar would be the right podium for you to acquire the key skills. Our tutors will provide most effective online CEH Certification Training that can definitely yield success in many cases. Getting training at us will certainly let you learn how to penetrate the networks effectively and helps you to qualify for the CEH Certification exam easily.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional training
CISSP is also the most popular cyber security course next to CEH and is offered by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2. To qualify for CISSP Certification Training Exam, you need to prove you have strong knowledge in various aspects of cyber security and practical knowledge of the code of ethics. Individuals with CISSP certification can apply for different cyber security roles since the credential not only represents you as a professional but also gives you an edge over others.

CEH and CISSP Certification Training at Jagsar will definitely help you to grab amazing opportunities and let you reach new heights in your life. Equipped with top instructors, our CISSP and CEH Certification Training will be at par with current industry standards and let you dive into the subject. We walk a mile extra to make you understand the subject and help you realize the potential.

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